Find Out Exactly Where You Are At, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME for FREE!

Thanks to the recent launch of the new GLONASS, Global Navigation Satellite System and some innovative new technology you can now find your exact position anywhere in the world via any common Internet capable terminal. This is also good for radionavigation, automatic vehicle location (AVL), C/A Code, differential, DGPS, navigation, vehicle tracking, precision farming, precise timing, position-reporting, ITS, intelligent transportation systems surveying, geographic information systems, GIS.

Before now to use any GPS device to find your exact position costs thousands of dollars. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units are more common than ever...being used to locate fishing hotspots, or for the location of a prime hunting area. Designed for the indoor enthusiast, GPS services are now truly affordable and easy to use. The benefits of satellite navigation are now available at a price that is truly affordable. Free!

Operator Headgap Systems is proud to announce we are now offering this as a free service to all our users.

For this to function properly you must click the target below in the exact center. Do this carefully or your position may be off.


Global positioning satellites give you the exact position you are on earth



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