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About the Mac OS X SCSI Card Update

This Read Me includes information about the Mac OS X SCSI Card Update.

Why should I install this update?

This update places new firmware on your Apple Ultra Wide SCSI PCI card. This new firmware is required if you wish to install Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server on a drive connected to this card.

System requirements

Power Macintosh G3 (beige) or Macintosh Server G3 (beige)
Apple Ultra Wide SCSI PCI card

To determine whether this update is appropriate for your SCSI card, open Apple System Profiler. In the Devices and Volumes section, click the disclosure triangle next to your SCSI card. This updater is for the following card:

Card name: Apple53C875Card

Note: If you see:

Card Revision: 4

your firmware is already up to date, and you do not need to use this update.

Installing the Mac OS X SCSI Card Update

1. Double-click the Mac OS X SCSI Card Update icon.

2. Make sure the Update box is checked next to the card named 'Apple53C875Card'.

Note: If you receive the message "You do not have any flashable cards installed," you do not need to use this update. If you have a different Apple SCSI card, you may need to install a different update. You can look for other SCSI card firmware updates at

3. Click the Flash button. There will be no response for a few seconds, but when the process is finished you should receive a message that the update was successful.

4. Quit the updater and restart your computer.

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