Commodore 64 Games on the Internet:

If you are looking for C64 software on the internet, you might want to look at the following sites:

Commodore 64 Games on CD-ROM:

Several CD-ROMs with Commodore64 games, tools and demos have been published. Well known CD-ROMs are:

Emulation on the Macintosh

The best emulator for the PPC Macintosh is Power 64.

Note also that Power64:

  • Is PowerPC native! (No 680x0 Support)
  • Runs on any Power Macintosh at 100% of the original C-64 Speed
  • Is a 'clean' Macintosh application that will work with most hard- and software add-ons
  • Is Shareware! You can download your free copy from this site. Power64 is fully functional, and that you can test it with your favorite games,
  • but it is restricted to 10 minutes per session until you register.

Check out the Emulation on the Macintosh WWW-Page for a up-to-date overview of all emulators available (public domain/shareware as well as commercial) for the Macintosh. This site is definitly worth a visit.

You should also check out the EmuMac Homepage. Definitly a great site.

Visit the homepage of Go64, a new german paper magazine keeping the C64 alive.

While the german paper magazine 64'er. is no longer published, the WWW-pages are still around.

Other Commodore 64 Emulators

Several more C64 Emulators are available for various machines:

  • Frodo (Amiga, BeOS, Unix) by Christian Bauer
  • Frodo MacOS-port by Richard Bannister
  • Vice (Unix)
  • C64S (DOS) by Miha Peternel
  • PC64 (DOS) by Wolfgang Lorenz
  • CCS64 (DOS, Win95) by Per Hakan Sundell
  • Geos-Warp (MacOS) by Andreas Varga (not yet available to the public)
  • SIDPlay (MacOS) by Andreas Varga (Plays SID Sounds ripped from C64 games - Not a complete emulator)

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