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We set up an email for our cat and she is mad because all she gets is spam.

Magic Genie
Baby Namer
Good Cow

 Welcome to the

Cave of Magic!

Click Here to see the best darn card trick!

Welcome to the

Baby Namer

Click Here to get your baby named!

Welcome to the

Mad Cow Test

Click Here to see if your cow has Mad Cow disease!

Let Operator Headgap's SystemTell Your Fortune

4 Fortune Tellers - no waiting!

BillGatus of Borg
Madam Zelda
Magic 8 Ball- the classic!
Ask the Borg- STNG!
Madam Zelda- feminine touch!
Beavis- try it buttmunch!

Anything is possible at
You can do anything at - requires flash - wait for it


Find Out Exactly Where You Are At, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME for FREE!

Operator Headgap Systems is proud to announce we are now offering this as a free service to all our users.

Thanks to the recent launch of the new GLONASS, Global Navigation Satellite System and some innovative new technology you can now find your exact position anywhere in the world via any common Internet capable terminal. Click Me

Bill Gates gets Y2K ready! 

Click here to see one sexy chick!

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