Welcome to HDS Web Mail, a simple, easy to use mail client for the web.

To get started right away (most of the user interface is self-explanatory), go to the logon page.

The Browser

There are three different styles of browser for you to use, Bulleted, Tabular or Classic.




Viewing Mail

When you view a mail item, it is moved from the "New Mail" section to the "Old Mail" section. When a mail item is displayed, you can either delete it by selecting the delete button or reply to the message by using the "Reply" button. Any URLs or mail addresses contained in the mail item will by highlighted as hyperlinks that you can select in your web browser. Mail hyperlinks will bring up a new HDS send mail window.

Sending Mail

Sending mail is easy, just type in the name of the person you want to send the mail to (either just their name for a local BBS user or the full internet email address), the subject for your message (don't leave it blank!) and the text of your message.

To send your message, press the "Send" button.

If you are replying to another message, the original message is automatically quoted for you.


Your signature will automatically be placed in the message box before you start composing your mail. To edit your signature, click the "Edit Signature" link at the bottom of the mail browser.