HDS Mail for TeleFinder Mac Web Server and Mac BBSTeleFinder

By Jonathan Paisley,

Operator Headgap Web BBS now allows you to pick up your mail and attachments via a web browser!


The HDS Mail for TeleFinder plugin is designed to allow users of TeleFinder to access their E-mail through the Web Server. This means that people can access their E-mail from anywhere, provided there is an Internet connection available.

Logging On

Viewing Mail

To view a mail item, simply click on the hyperlink (the subject line), or check the check box to the left of the item and choose 'View'. You may check more than one mail item in order to view more than one item on a single page (only available in Classic or Tabular browser view).

Deleting Mail

To delete mail, simply check the mail items as desired and select 'Delete'.

Sending Mail

First choose 'New Mail Message' from the main E-mail page. Fill in the necessary fields of the form that appears and select 'Send' to send the mail message.

Replying to Mail

In order to reply to mail, simply push the 'Reply' button at the bottom of the mail message. The entire original message will automatically be quoted, and you can edit it as desired. To send the new message, choose 'Send'.

Cool Features

Known Bugs and Limitations

Now Implemented Feature

If you are having difficulties, please feel free to E-mail the Sysop, who will be happy to assist you:


TeleFinder has a built in mail server

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