TeleFinder Mac web server and Mac BBS PowerKey Tickler

The PowerKey Tickler is a TF Web Server Plugin that maintains the "Application Timer" of the PowerKey Pro from Sophisticated Circuits. I have been told that the Rebound works with the Tickler as well but have not personally tested it.

This is normally used to restart the server in the event of a system crash or lockup.

The plug-in does not process web pages or provide any user interface. It runs completely in the background.


Copy the "PowerKeyTickler" plugin into the TeleFinder Server "Plug-Ins" folder. Then restart the Web Server.


Download the PowerKey Tickler Archive .sea 40K (Headgap registration required.)

NOTE: I have been using Powerkey Pro for several years now and that is why our system is so reliable! You can view my Powerkey Restart Log @:


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