These Are The Algore Facts

by Bob Nunn

A new term has just been coined. These are the algore facts, meaning of course I just made this stuff up. It doesn't have to be right, it just has to sound right.

I continue to observe things like the new no iron product. You simply spray this on your clothes, stretch and smooth. It gives your clothes that casual look. If you wanted to make your own, how about a few drops of fabric software in a spray bottle filled with water. My mother invented this stuff 3 decades ago. I am pretty sure she got it from Heloise.

I also remember the little metal plate that miraculously thaws your meat. It's true if you take your frozen meat and not put it on a ceramic plate (a really great insulator by the way, they use the same material to make the insulators for high tension power lines) and instead lay it on something metal, it will thaw faster. Why in the world you would want to pay $10 for one from a discount store check stand when you have dozens of metal cookie sheets or pie pans is beyond me. Oh, also remember to take the meat off the little styro package tray. It is a good insulator as well (they make ice chests from the stuff). If you bought one of these, I think you should take it out and bang yourself in the head with it a few times; it makes a nice chime sound.

There are many things in the world that are magic. But remember, most magic is simply misdirection. When you see a new deal, look for the misdirection. That way you won't get bushed (this of course means confused by anything anyone says to you).

New Web GPS Features

I am very proud of a new feature that I have recently installed on my server. Find Out Exactly Where You Are At, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME for FREE!

Operator Headgap Systems is proud to announce we are now offering this as a free service to all our users.

Thanks to the recent launch of the new GLONASS, Global Navigation Satellite System and some innovative new technology you can now find your exact position anywhere in the world via any common Internet capable terminal.

You too can add these capabilities to your server. Simply borrow the source from my web site. Think how happy your web visitors will be to use the latest in web technology!

I purposely put a counter at the bottom of the page. Watch the count go up. Also when you install something like this make sure you use it to help produce sales for your web site. I like watching sales increase, how about you?

Backup, Backup, Backup,

I don't know if you have thought much about your backup strategy, but you should. I have been online over 15 years, originally with a BBS system and in '94 I started offering my services via the web. I learned a few things the hard way.

There are two types of hard drive users, one that has had a serious crash, and the other that is going to have a serious crash.

The difference between the two is that one is smarter than the other since they have suffered through the pain and cost of recovery.

Nowadays I use an automated program to back up to a second hard drive. I have a complete copy of my entire system on a second drive and the changes are backed up daily. I have found that tape drives will let you down when you need them most (from experience). Hard drives are cheap nowadays and there is no excuse not to be prepared. I also regularly store a full back up on CD. I don't do this as often since it is time consuming, but it is a good idea to have a recent set stored off site, in the event of a major catastrophe. It wasn't too long ago that we were broken into and had equipment stolen. The more business you do on the net, the more important this will become.

Raid systems are okay and some offer a fair degree of protection. Just don't let that be your whole plan. Sometimes things just get totally fouled even though you are supposed to be able to rebuild from that one good drive that is left operational. Hey that is what they always told me.

Hard drives last from 3-5 years. They aren't expensive anymore. Replace yours before they go out. Use the old drives in other less crucial desktop systems. You do have an equipment replacement budget and schedule don’t you?

Hackers are less of a problem if you can quickly recover. I haven't been hacked in a good long while but the last time I was I had the system repaired and back up in less than an hour. It takes the fun out it if you are back online quickly. Be prepared.

Keep Up The Customer Contact

You need to continually check to see how your customer service is performing. If you run an ecommerce site have a friend place an order on your site. Ask them to tell you about any problems they had and work to eliminate those problems. Make sure help is easy to get to. Repeat information that keeps cropping up as a stumbling block.

Your Frequently Asked Questions Page should be updated constantly. What questions are your customer service folks getting asked? Granted you probably have the info on your site but if the customers aren't getting it perhaps you need to review how and where it is delivered. Your goal is to make the purchase process easy and painless. Perhaps that means repeating information throughout the site.

Bob Nunn - owner, Operator Headgap Systems


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