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Memphis, Tenn., March 12, 2000 -- Operator Headgap Systems is the U.S. distributor of TeleFinder software and now handles the marketing and support. Operator Headgap Systems offers new lower pricing and an ecommerce site to order from. The store uses TeleFinder and Filemaker which allows secure purchasing online of TeleFinder, and supporting hardware.

New Web Site is the official support Web Site and is dedicated to extending TeleFinder using 3rd party software, shareware and freeware. The TeleFinder Suite now comes with a free version of Lollipop News Import/Export software, a free Web based mail CGI, a user manager plug-in for remote admin access and many more shareware and freeware add-ons and utilities. A free demo version is available. You can sign up for a TeleFinder newsletter, search for information from an extensive library, download updates, utilities and other useful programs and materials @:

TeleFinder Server Overview
TeleFinder Server v5.7.3 is a package that gives you everything you need to set up a complete Internet site for your business, school or organization. Use TeleFinder to keep in touch with off-site colleagues, clients, and friends. TeleFinder's Mail and Public Message areas provide quick and easy communication. Quick file transfers let you share and distribute important data quickly. TeleFinder makes it easy to simultaneously support users connecting from a variety of sources, including the Internet, cable or DSL, your local area network, ISDN, and modems.

TeleFinder's Web Server allows users to create dynamic pages which can selectively provide information to clients on the fly, setup file downloading, manipulate forms data, perform custom logging and more. Active Pages are created using TeleFinder's Server Parsed HTML (SPML) commands which includes the well-known NCSA/NetScape/Apache Server Side Include (SSI ) command set, plus a number of very powerful extended commands.

Each TeleFinder package includes all the software you need to set up and maintain your BBS, mail, and Web site. Every TeleFinder Server includes graphical client software for Macintosh and Windows that you can freely distribute to all the users of your BBS. TeleFinder Server and TeleFinder Mac client have been tested with OS9. TeleFinder Windows client v4.11 has been tested with Windows 2000.

About Operator Headgap Systems
Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Operator Headgap is U.S. distributor of TeleFinder Server. Operator Headgap Systems is a privately held company. Further information on Operator Headgap may be obtained by calling 1-405-601-5288, accessing Headgap’s Web site at, or sending email to

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