File Transfer

TeleFinder supports a variety of file transfer protocols, recovery of broken transfers and drag and drop batch transfer.


Receiving Files

To receive a file from the BBS, select the file to wish to receive and choose "Download File" from the File menu. To specify where files will be placed when, choose "Set Download Path" from the File menu and select the directory where file transfers will be received.


Sending Files to the BBS

To send a file to the BBS, choose "Upload File" from the File menu and select a file that you wish to send via the file selection window. Files uploaded via this method will go to the private upload area specified by the Sysop.

You can also transfer files directly to a "Files" area when you have "Write" privileges in that area. To to this, choose "Upload to" from the File menu when a file area window is in front that you have Write priviledges to.