Using Message Topics

The message viewer window contains buttons to select a message, reply to a message, and remove a message from a topic. You can also print messages, and save messages as text files, using commands in the File menu.

Note: Only the Sysop, topic administrator, or the person who originally posted a message can remove a message from a topic.


Selecting Messages

When you first open a topic, TeleFinder automatically displays a message in the viewer window. TeleFinder selects this message based on the date you last read messages.

You can select a specific message by its number or post date. You can also select messages from a list of message subject headers.

Click in the "Right Arrow" button to view new messages by post date. Click in the "Left Arrow" button to view previous messages in descending order by date. The current message number is shown between the arrows.

Selecting By Number

Use "Select By Number" to select a message by its message number. This method is useful when you want to skip to the end, or start over at the beginning, of a topic.

· Click in the "Go To" button. TeleFinder will open the "Message Number" window.


· Enter the number of the message you want to see in the dialog's text box.

· Click in the "OK" button. TeleFinder will display the message associated with that number in the viewer window.

If the message number that you enter is higher than the number of messages in the topic, TeleFinder will display the topic's last message.


Selecting Messages from a List

Use "Select From List" to view a list of message headers. A message header includes the To, From, Subject, and Post Date information from a message. This method is useful when you want to scan a topic for messages about specific subjects.

· Click in the "Scan" button. TeleFinder will open the "Scan" window the messages from the topic.


· Select a message header from the list. Then click in the "View Message" button. TeleFinder will then bring the message viewer window to the front, and display that message.



Replying to Messages

Replies to messages can be public or private. TeleFinder sends private replies as e-mail to the user's mailbox. TeleFinder adds public replies as a new message in the topic. You compose both types of replies using the reply window. Follow the steps below to reply to a message.


· Click in the "Reply" button to open a reply window. TeleFinder addresses the reply using information from the message viewer window.

TeleFinder's Topics also support file attachments. Just click in the "Attach" button to add files to the attachments list.


· If necessary, change the "Subject" and "To" fields.

To &endash;- Use this to address your reply to a different person.

Subject &endash;- Enter new text to describe the subject of your message here.


· Click in the "Post" button add the message to the topic. 

· Click in the "Mail" button to send the message to the addressee's mailbox.



Creating a New Topic

Users with the appropriate access privileges can create new topics in Conference folders. A user needs to have either the global "Can Make Changes" Sysop privilege, or the "Can create topics" path privilege to be able to create new topics. To create a new message topic, follow the steps below.


· Bring a conference window to the front of the screen.

· Then select the "Create New Topic" from the Mail menu. This will open a message reply window as shown below.
· Address the message to a specific user, or generically to "ALL."

· Enter a subject name in the subject text box. The name you enter becomes the name of the topic icon in the conference you are creating the topic in.

· After composing your message click in the "Post" button. TeleFinder then sends the message and creates the topic icon in the conference window.