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Operator Headgap Web Server and BBS

Donations Appreciated!

In January 2013, we were able to upgrade and are now offering our services at a higher rate of speed. We are now at 20+ MBPS down and 6+MBPS up via business in OKC, OK. Much thanks to who still handle our DNS and mail. They are without a doubt the best service provider in Memphis, Tennessee.

Please send whatever donation that you can to:
Operator Headgap Systems
7308 S. Klein
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139

Make all checks or money orders out to Operator Headgap Systems.

Thanks for your continued support!

Operator Headgap BBS will now accept donations. Don't get excited, this is still a FREE system! Please remember though that the Internet e-mail access you have and the Free Web Space does cost me money both in equipment and access expenses. I also maintain an extensive Mac, Amiga & C64/128 Software Library.

If you like and use these resources, please send me a few dollars! You should know that I use whatever additional funds I raise to buy new equipment to make your access even better. I have added high speed net access thanks to some of your efforts, along with a remote graphics server, but the monthly expenses are high, so please continue to contribute.

I will continue to put the equipment online as long as I have people who use the system. That means you pay nothing other than your participation to use the system as always.

This BBS uses a credit system. The more you participate by uploading and posting messages the more access you receive. Some of you also assist with system maintenance and receive special access privileges. With the advent of CD's that store gigabytes of data, many of you are having more difficulties in finding fresh materials to upload. This is especially tough on the new users. After numerous requests, I am now offering a different way for many of you to participate.

If you wish, you can now participate by sending in a donation. I have refused offers in the past. I will now accept donations. Any amount is fine, $1, $2, $5 or $10 (I don't expect or even want more than a maximum of $20 from any one user). I make no commitments or promises or other