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Operator Headgap Web Server and BBS

 Operator Headgap BBS Preview

Operator Headgap is a TeleFinder 5.7.4 Internet BBS!

The view you are seeing is from a Macintosh Client using my special settings file. There is also a similar Windows 3+, and a new 32 bit 95, 98, & NT Client available. You may also log on using any ASCI/ANSI Term Program.

Another major benefit being able to pick up your mail via any browser! HDS Mail lets you pick up your mail directly from my system using Netscape or Explorer. Your mail address once you become a member will be:

You may also have a FREE Web Page just for the asking. The maintenance of your page is simplified since you use the TeleFinder Client software which features special background or Zmodem Transfers.


Conference ScreenConference Areas

My conference area features discussions on computers and general subjects. I have also added select newsgroups "live linked" from the Internet that you can join in the conversation! TFNET and local conferences are also online!

Files Area ScreenFiles Area

Headgap features a gigantic BBS Files Area featuring many megabytes of Mac, 64, 128, and Amiga Files free to download! Besides the 2.0 gigabyte system drive and the new 8.4 & 6.4 gig hard drives devoted to files, 8 CD Roms are now on that hard drive for high speed access! Included are AMUG BBS in a BOX, Info Mac Archives, Gif's Galore, Ultimate MOD and more!


Logon Screen

Log On!

A simple click of the connect button hooks you up with Operator Headgap!


You can choose from TCPIP connect over the Internet. No more modem dialup these days.

After almost 20 years of having dialup access we are now discontinuing this feature. Unfortunately the $25 a month it costs to leave this access line for the few people who were using it simply could not be justified. Web access only guys.

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