You've Got Your Web Site Now Get It Noticed - Part 3! Other Ways to Build Traffic!

by Bob Nunn

Bob Nunn - President AppleCore of Memphis, Inc.

Previously I have discussed adding “META” tags to your pages and how to get your site listed. Assuming you have already done these things, you are beginning to get anxious. You probably have searched for your site on and got a count. If your number is only in the 20’s or 30’s at this stage, don’t despair. It takes time for your site address to propagate. Don’t keep resubmitting your site over and over again. Some search engines (like Alta Vista) will actually penalize you or not list your site for “spamming” the index. Allow 3 or 4 weeks for your listing to come up before resubmitting.

You did remember to set up unique page titles and tags for each individual page on your site, didn’t you? Don’t repeat the same information over and over. Someone looking for information about your site would want to find the unique information that is provided by your different pages. You may want to consider adding unique pages and features that would attract visitors to your site (see #3 below). You do have to draw the line or everyone would have Britney Spears-Pokemon-MP3 pages.

Do I need to mention the obvious? Have all company stationery, business cards, advertising and anything else you can think of imprinted with your web site address.

Tip #1 - Web Logs

What the heck is a web log? It is a list of links someone like you or me has collected, published on the web and may contain personal comments about the web sites listed. Some of these sites get good traffic. The best ones are oriented by subject. Most will let you add your url and may even offer a link to do so. On others you will simply have to write the author and ask them to add your site. Do a few searches and usually you can find several that are oriented toward your site subject and make the effort to get listed. A good example of a Memphis oriented web log is A home decor oriented web log is

Tip #2 - Guest Books, Newsgroups and Conferences

Another way to get traffic to your site is by signing guestbooks, posting in appropriate newsgroups and other web conferences. The trick is to have everyone in your group add tag lines to their signatures that advertise your site. Here is the one I presently use:

Bob Nunn - Director of Customer Service & Web Content - At These Prices Everyone is a Decorator
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Every time I post a message or sign a guestbook I add a link to our site. Have all of your associates, friends, relatives and anyone else you can con do the same.

Tip #3 - Fun Stuff and other Cool Things

Ever seen the Cave of Magic, Magic 8 Ball, Mad Cow Test, or Madam Zelda? When Howard Stern showed the Magic Card Trick on his program, my site traffic went through the roof! I will grant you the traffic might not have fit my exact customer demographic profile and the site Howard showed wasn’t even mine, but I got visitors! Evidently, I came up first in the search engines when people were looking for the card trick. Try out my fun page at:

You might not think much about these, but remember a web site is all about traffic and more is always better. From within that group, some of your target customers will find the way to your site for the first time. Just make sure your “fun” page has the appropriate links and graphics that invite them to where you really want them. If you don’t have any novelties on your web site, do a bit of research and find some. Don’t think “the corporate big wigs would have a stroke if we were to do that”. Success is what is important. If you get a negative response, ask them if they haven’t ever asked the Magic 8 ball a question or punched the monkey. Boy that Britney Spears-Pokemon-MP3 page is sounding better all the time. A good place to start is my web content provider page:

Tip #4 - E-Newsletter

If your site doesn’t have a place to sign up for an E-Newsletter, then get yourself a listserver and get one set up. I run a free one called Macjordomo and there are freeware, shareware and commercial ones available. At one time, I thought only chimps signed up for anything on the net, but I have since changed my mind. You will be amazed at how many people will sign up for you to send them information about your products, services, and your site. With OutLook Express 5, you can now easily send pages in html and by adding full urls to your graphics, they can even view product or other images on their mail served from your system. Imagine sending color product info with a click-to-buy button right in the email. Just make sure to only send the html with links to your graphic images, rather than trying to send the images themselves.

Tip #5 - Coupon Sites and Affiliate Programs - Sleeper Tip - Top Traffic Builder!

I am not sure who invented the affiliate program but Amazon surely put it on the map. Pretty soon, they had thousands of folks advertising product for them. You can place Amazon products on your web site and make commission. There are many companies who will set up an affiliate program for you.

The reason I combined coupon sites and affiliate programs is that they really go hand in hand. Once you are set up to handle affiliates, plan a coupon promotion strategy and contact the coupon sites. Many require you to pay for placement of your coupon but some of the best ones are free and are tickled to have a chance to earn commission for sending you traffic. My coupon site list is at:
I apologize in advance for the duplicates and am constantly adding new sites.

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