How To Make A Bad Web Site

by Bob Nunn

I know that many of the Headgap web sites are not that fancy and I am not a top ranked web designer and I haven't won any awards and I really don't expect to. That is not what I attempt to accomplish with my sites.

I just loaded an old customers web site, well almost loaded. Some of the images were over 200k. I remember they changed after hosting with us for over a year so they could take advantage of technologies we didn't offer. I am glad we don't offer graphics over 200k and I really don't think this was a step up, but perhaps someone's relative is getting the business. They certainly are giving them the business. Maybe they offered a free gratuity to the purchasing manager. I do hope someone got something out of a deal like that.

Having the best looking web site in the world isn't worth a dime if nobody waits for the page to load. Having a web site is a waste of time if nobody can find it or use it when they do.

I would have listed this web site as an example of what not to do on a web site, but you all have seen sites like this. What amazes me is that people actually pay to have this done for them. It may be an all time winner of the worst all time web site if it only had more flashing animations and bad clip art. I guess their web designer hasn't found the cache of clip art in his Microsoft products. Perhaps he or she might make the list in the next year or so if he happens to get around to updating the site.


Headgap's List Of Things To Do To Make A Bad Web Site:

This is all I can think of in 15 minutes. I know I left some choice ones out. Why not list your favorites up.

Hopefully you learned something from this. I know the people that need to read this will not. They haven't read anything about web designing but now they are one.

Want to learn more about the right things to do? Try this link: <> It goes to a site called Web Page Design For Designers. Want to see actual bad examples? Go to: <>. Of course you can always check my <> page for tips and tricks so you don't end up with features from this list.


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