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Looking to improve your site traffic? Read "Nunn Such" from WWWdot MagazineMagazine!

I write a regular column for a local magazine WWWdot called Nunn Such. Read my latest web marketing suggestions from the TFBBS.com Press Release pages. Great tips and tricks to improve your web site traffic! See a web log of the sites I am presently working on.

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How To Make A Bad Web Site - detailed instructions! Learn by bad example!

Looking for more web content? Try my Web Content Links Page!

Coupons and FreeStuff page. Auction Links page.

Learn More about wireless broadband networking! Visit my Wireless Links page!

Do This First - You won't be sorry!

META Tags are an important addition to your web pages!

Achieving prominent listings within the search engines often depends heavily upon just a few simple lines of HTML text that go into the header of your site. Fortunately you don't have to be an HTML guru to install these tags because Eon Networks has developed a program that will create them for you. Click on the link to set up your tags. There is also a position checker that is somewhat helpful, but only checks a few search engines.

Eon Networks has a META Tag builder and analyzer online. Along with a lot of other good material!

WebDeveloper.com META Tag Resources - collection of information about meta tags.

META Tag Analyzer - Scrub the Web folks have a free service to check your work.

A Standard for Robot Exclusion - perhaps you have things on your site you don't want indexed. Read this to learn how to eliminate items from being indexed. Every site should have a robots.txt file in your web directory!

TIP: Search the way your customers would on a search engine. Take the top sites and review their source code and borrow their tags as a starting point. Pull several from different engines. Modify the meta tags to suit your needs and build your page tags using the top performers.

Free! Add Your URL to Major Search Engines

  • The links provided here take you to the add your url address to the search engines listed above. Simply click the link.
  • Each service has separate "rules" to follow, so be sure to read them carefully.
  • Follow the instructions given by each search engine.
  • Spend the most time getting your hand placed listing done correctly. Yahoo and DMOZ.org (Green Dragon Icon) as well as LookSmart can provide you with the most traffic long term!
  • Resubmit to automated sites when you add new pages.

You've got your web site. Now get it noticed!

Average Indexing Time

Yahoo - 6-8 weeks
Lycos - 2 weeks
AltaVista - 2 days
WebCrawler 4-8 weeks
HotBot - 2 days
Infoseek - 1-2 days
Excite - 2-3 weeks
LinkStar - 2-3 days
AOL Netfind - 2 weeks
Scrub The Web - 2 days
Jayde.com - 3-4 weeks
Snap.com - be patient

Promote your site to
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Auto Submit Lets you simply add your site to quite a few search engines.

Here is a great new one:

GoTo.com Inventory Search:


This URL takes you to the GoTo.com Tools & Tips" area. Once there, you'll find a link called "Search Term Suggestion List." Click on it and, after a new window opens, enter any term that you wish to research. You will be shown how many searches were done for the term you entered, plus similar terms, for the last month. Similar terms are typically those that include your actual search term as a portion.

A fairly new service called the1000.com offers over 1000 places to submit your site. They also feature geographic and other specialty information. It's worth a look.

A couple of new sites that are getting started up.


Web Analysis Tools

This guy keeps a list of links to web analysis tools if you want to see more: http://www.webfanatix.com/web_log_analysis_tools.htm

Active Concepts' provides a range of powerful Web Intelligence and analysis solutions designed tohelp you understand your Internet, Intranet and Extranet systems. Funnel Web provides comprehensive reports to give you access to valuable feedback on your on-line activity. To see my live Funnel Web Enterprise Reports click here.


Submitting to Niche Search Engines

Niche search engines are targeted toward specific information categories. All site owners should make sure they are listed in search engines targeting their content. Here are a few below:

There are literally hundred's of niche search engines to submit your targeted sites. Find them all in the directories below:

Getting Announced!

There are a few good resources about getting your site announced. Try:

Marketing Tips? Read "Nunn Such" from WWW.DOT Magazine!

Looking to improve your site traffic? I write a regular column for a local magazine WWW.DOT called Nunn Such. Read my latest marketing suggestions from the TFBBS.com Press Release pages.

Getting Smart! Don't Be a Fish!

Don't let people take advantage of you. This guy has a great page:

New Scams

You may want to think twice about the person who contacts you regarding the new .info domain names. Never mind they aren't really authorized to do this. You shouldn't give them your credit card number.

I am sure that there are more than a few who have preregistered with these sleezoids and are waiting for their .biz, .nu, .vu, .info, .pro, .tv, .cc, .intl or some other dot something.

Before you give some complete stranger your credit card and info about what domains may be valuable to you, you might want to read a bit about it. The info below is from Dotster.com <http://www.dotster.com/resources/newtld.asp>

From Dotster: "Confused by registrars offering to "preregister" domains in the new TLDs? According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), no one has been authorized to preregister these domain names as no companies have been accredited yet to register the new TLDs. Registration procedures have not been formalized and there are absolutely no guarantees that preregistered domain names will be awarded once the TLDs become operational. We are recommending that Dotster customers avoid preregistration sites for the reasons explained above. We are committed to implementing the new TLDs as soon as they're available and will keep you updated on ICANN's progress during the implementation."

Improve Your Pages & Content

Looking for more web content? Try my Web Content Links Page! SpinWave.com - image crusher helps you optimize your graphics for free!

Best Kept Secret Promotional Opportunity - Coupon Sites!

Looking for a place to advertise coupons or free stuff? Try my Coupon & Free Stuff Links Page.

Auctions- Another Opportunity!

Put an auction on your site and list with the auction search engines. Use my link page as a starting point. Headgap's Auction Web Log.

Free Homepages!

Set up an ad for your web site using the free pages. Use plenty of your best content and graphics. Include links to your enewsletters or whatever other traffic builders you have on your site. Include your best META Tags and include keywords in your page title. The sequence of keywords, and descriptions of your alternate pages should vary from your main site. Then go list this page with all the search engines.

http://home.netscape.com/sitecentral/index.html?cp=situsrrec or: http://freehomepages.com/

Affiliate Programs!

Be an affiliate and collect cash for your click thru's or sign up for an affiliate program and get traffic to your site.


Need Translations!

AltaVista's BabelFish does a fair job of quick translations of text. I usually include the english along side to prove that I really didn't mean to insult someone in case the translation is less that I expected.


Domain Registration!

Dotster.com - When you get a chance try these folks. They charge $15 a year and you can change the settings online through the web.

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