TeleFinder's Web Server supports IP Conservative Multi-homing by mapping domain names to specific URL's supported by your server. These URLs can be "Personal Web" sites, or subdirectories within your main web site. Webmasters can use this feature to provide virtual hosting services on the Macintosh.

This feature is dependent upon the "Host" header supplied by the Netscape, and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, and any HTTP 1.1 compliant browser.

The Host header is required by the HTTP/1.1 protocol.


Virtual Hosts

Select the "Server Settings" command from the Web menu to open the Web Settings dialog. The click on the "Virtual Host" icon to display the Virtual Host pane.

The "Virtual Host" entries map requests to separate URLs based on the domain name of the host being requested. TeleFinder handles the mapping internally so that the virtual host appears to be a completely separate server.



The serving computer must have multiple Domain Names, one for each "virtual host." Multiple IP Addresses are not necessary.




In this example we show the entry that supports the web site on the Spider Island Server.

Click in the Virtual Host "Add" button. This opens the Host Mapping dialog.

The domain is being added as a Virtual host . The location is "/~tfnet."

Enter the Domain Name of the site you wish to serve in the "Domain" field. In the "Location" field, enter the location of the Personal Web site or subdirectory containing the site's homepage. Do not include the trailing slash in the location.


Valid locations may include personal web sites, locations defined by URL directory mapping as well as suib-directories of the web server's root. Do not map the location to a file, it must map to a directory.


When TeleFinder receives a request for a resource in a Virtual Host, it internally modifies the URL to include the Location you specify. For example, a request for "" is treated as "" The new, internal URL is the one used to locate the requested resource, test for security, and directory map.


Click in the OK button to enter this mapping in the Virtual Host list.


Handling Errors

If the Virtual Host is mapped to a Personal Web Site, you can customize the error files for that host by editing and copying the "Templates" folder to the user's Web Space.


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