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Hello, My name is Bob Nunn (Bobby Nunn to those who knew me in school, and I sign my name Robert William Nunn Jr.). Born May 29, 1954, born in Oklahoma City, we still own a home in Mustang Oklahoma and in Oklahoma City and we rent one and live now in the other. Yes that is right after 26 years in Memphis, we have moved back to OKC about 7 years ago January 2013. I attended U.S. Grant High School in Oklahoma City (class of 1972) and usually try to make the reunions. I also attended Bryant Ave Vocational Center and received a degree in Industrial Chemical Technology. I worked for TG&Y like most everyone else in Oklahoma my age, originally selling Pets in the world's largest TG&Y at SW74th and Penn and eventually traveled Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas as a Hardlines Merchandiser. I worked for a time with US Aquatics and USA Pet Supply. We had been living in Memphis from 1986 through 2012 and worked a number of years for Wang's International as Marketing Manager. I have operated Operator Headgap BBS since moving to Memphis starting with a Commodore 64 and 2 1541 drives using a 300 baud Total Telecommunications Modem for dialup access and 6485 v1.2 BBS software. Headgap is now an Telefinder 5.7.3 Internet BBS, Web Server and Mail Service with 4 servers over BroadBand Cox Business Service. We have been on the web since 1995. To send me mail click here. To view my somewhat dated resume click here. To see my personal picture page click here. I have just added a Flickr page with some of my families old pictures click here. I have a Facebook page up

I had lost my mother Martha Bell Rankin Nunn and my brother Steven Ray Nunn years ago. My Dad Robert William Nunn Sr. a Korean War Veteran and Golden Gloves Flyweight Champion. My Dad was our main anchor and the reason we visited Oklahoma City at least at Christmas time each year. On Wednesday February 10, 2010 Robert W. Nunn Sr. passed away at 81 years of age. We had posted a notice on our site and shut down our business for the first time in many years, other than our small Christmas vacation. I want to thank everyone for the kind words. Dad and Mom both attended Capitol Hill High School and we have all lived Southside Oklahoma City.

We now have moved back to Oklahoma City and are glad to be home. After 26 years in Memphis we have moved both ourselves and our business here. We are living in the house I grew up in after my friend and former classmate and retired policeman Paul Randall took on the task of remodeling my Dad's old house.

I am married to a Tulsa girl Cheryn Nunn who is also a member of my Operator Headgap Systems and our company president. Cheryn evidently knows where everything is so I let her drive most of the time. Cheryn was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), held a real estate license, worked for TG&Y at their headquarters in Merchandising. She also worked for Century 21 River Oaks in Memphis.

We have a 30 something year old married daughter, Amanda who still lives in Memphis with her husband Scott. Amanda worked for Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA, Apple, and a company that did most of Apple's laptop repair Flextronics. I don't know where she got all of her geek talent. I wouldn't think having 1/2 a dozen computers in your living rooms since you where born would have anything to do with it. I think she picked it up helping her elementary school teachers use or repair the computers they were trying to use. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from State Tech she is presently employed but if you need someone good she I am sure would entertain an offer. She and her husband Scott both reside in Memphis.

I was a board member of the now defunct Applecore of Memphis, Inc. the local Macintosh User Group and also hosted and maintained their site. having been a multiple term president, sysop and librarian for the group. I was active in the Memphis Amiga Group and before that the Memphis Commodore Users Club. Their old newletters may be of interest to you if you used those old computers. Memphis Amiga Group (MAG) While no longer active this is a nicely done archive of the history, newsletters, diskmags & more. MCUC (Memphis Commodore Users Club) newsletters are now online as well.

I used to write a column for WWW.Dot Magazine that is no longer in print. I am fairly certain its demise had little to do with me, but judge for yourself. You can view my somewhat dated but still useful articles here in an easy read format. Presently I am writing Bob's Mac Tech Tips as I learn solutions to little puzzling problems as well as a general repository of stuff most people should know about their Mac computers but don't. It is mostly based on the Classic Mac OS but includes many valuable OSX tips which will continue to improve as I learn more about using the newer operating systems and hardware.

I just added a new section called Bob's Random Thoughts that have absolutely no purpose. Some may find them entertaining or just plain stupid. I will be adding bits to it as time allows.

We run a collection of some of the Best Memphis Web Sites although now it has become somewhat dated.

My wife and I via Headgap Systems also provide Marketing, Sales and Technical Support for TeleFinder Internet BBS/Web Server or call 1-405-601-5288 for info. This software is currently available but only runs on older Mac systems. Still in use is some areas since there has been nothing to replace it. Since it only runs on older hardware it is fairly inactive but my system is still online.

I presently am self employed. Operator Headgap Systems has long been incorporated. Our company runs several ecommerce sites including our Mac Store -, or and We do a bit of hosting for folks and you can view some of those sights by visiting my links page. Give us a call if you want to buy a good refurbished Mac computer or if you need yours repaired or upgraded.

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