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Operator Headgap Systems

Bob and Cheryn Nunn - owners of Operator Headgap Systems, Inc.Web Site, Email, Ecommerce, & Listing Pricing

Contact Bob or Cheryn Nunn - 1-405-601-5288

Web Site Construction & Marketing Costs

  • $60/page (approx 8.5"x11") w/2 scans
  • $5 each add'l scan
    • Links free
    • Repeated scans free
    • Hit counter on lead page free
    • Included FREE! Hand listing and automatted listing to keep your site in 100's of search engines with up to date information. We also supply the proper meta tags and robots.txt for web spiders to insure your pages are easy to find and gets revisited for site updates. We also insure that your site is listed in all the appropriate categories on indexed sites.

Custom design work or digital photos extra. We will move your existing site for a nominal fee. Monthly fees include minor maintenance, price changes, item updates, removals, link changes. Maintenance requiring more than one hour per month will be billed at $60/hr. Detailed graphic reports are available for your web site for an additional monthly fee. See http://headgap.com/reports/ for an example.

Database Construction Costs

  • $100 regular database setup 1-25 items (using existing templates)
  • $150 image DB setup 1-25 items (using existing templates)
  • Data Entry $50/hr.
  • Prices for DB work are for user provided artwork on disk (scans extra)

ECommerce Construction Costs

  • We can provide secure transactions via our real time processing Internet merchant account or assist you in establishing your own accounts. Let us build your custom store. Call for quote.

Web Site Hosting

Monthly Fees - ask about our discounted yearly fee.

  • $20 - incl. e-mail & main web site (up to 20 meg) up to 2000 page views
  • $10 - each add'l 1000 views up to 5000.
  • $15 - 1-25 item regular DB - add $5 for each add'l 25 items
  • $30-1-25 item image DB - add $10 for each add'l 25 items
  • Domain Registration - $70 - includes setup fee and 2 years registration and unlike some services you actually end up being the owner.

E-Mail Services

E-mail Accounts

  • $10/mo., $25/qtr or $90/yr. Free with site hosting
  • One time setup fee $10
  • Group rates available for large sites.

Group Distribution Acct. w/up to 30 E-mail addresses

  • $10/mo.
  • $25 setup fee

List Server Acct. w/unlimited E-mail addresses (automatted, lets you remotely administer).

  • $10/mo. first 1000 subscribers - $5/mo. each additional 1000.
  • $25 setup fee

International E-mail: Link into Internet through any computer and receive and send unrestricted mail world wide. Perfect for companies with multiple users on one Internet account.

Dialup E-mail - access Internet mail box without having to have an Internet account using any computer system with a modem & communications software.

Web Based E-mail - access to your mail box via the web and your favorite browser software from anywhere in the world!. No extra charge.

E-mail Distribution List - Send one message that is forwarded to all e-mail recipients in your list.

Free Forwarding - forward all mail received at your Headgap account to any other.

Listing Services

Professionally prepare meta tags, robots.txt file to insure top listing results and "properly" submit your site to the top search engines. This is included free if we design and or host your site. Due to market demand we are making it available to everyone. Basic service for small site starts at $49.95. Call or email for quote. See our submission page for more information about the services we provide.

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Contact Bob or Cheryn Nunn - 1-405-601-5288
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