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Operator Headgap Systems Services

Web Site, E-mail Service, E-Commerce & Networking! 

Contact Bob or Cheryn Nunn - 1-405-601-5288 9-6 Central
  • Do you want to get your business or yourself on the Web?
  • Do you need a professionally prepared site but are working on a budget
  • Want to save money and give better customer service?
  • Tired of changing all your advertising, office stationery, business cards etc. each time you change services? We have been here 15 years!
  • Want a permanent Internet mailing address? We were here before America Online and Hotmail.
  • Why pay setup fees of $400-$1000 plus a monthly fee of $40 or more?
  • Want something that works with your Windows or Macintosh Computer?
  • Do you need a low cost E-Commerce Site? They make selling over the Net easy!
  • Need Broadband Wireless Internet - to expand your business without pulling cable?

You need an Operator Headgap Systems solution!

About Us

Operator Headgap Systems, Inc. has been online and used by thousands of Memphians and now the world for over 30 years. We are Internet marketing professionals. We started our service in response to demand in the real estate markets, but doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, and sales professionals, all benefit from having a Web Site, Ecommerce Store and a permanent E-mail address where it is easy to send and receive E-mail, and your web advertising or ecommerce store is fast and easy to access. My wife and partner are active in local user groups (Memphis Applecore). I used to write a regular column for a local magazine WWW.DOT called Nunn Such. Read my rather dated marketing suggestions from the TFBBS.com Press Release pages.

Free Marketing?

We are good at getting your site listed and your "hits" up! Listing on the top search engines free (90+% of the traffic) Get this done correctly and you will have search engine produced traffic you need. Read more about our listing service. FREE a highlighted listing on PortalMemphis.com for 1 year! PortalMemphis.com is a top Memphis portal and literally thousands of Memphians and visitors to the area use this site regularly.

Who Needs Headgap Services?

Who uses this type of service? All types of people, including business professionals, corporations, small & home based business. Any one who travels needs a world wide accessible email account. Perhaps all you want is a box to stay in touch with a friend or relative or a nice personal homepage all the way up to a completely automatted secure online store.

Web Sites

We can have a small site up and running in less than a week! Large corporate or ecommerce sites take a little longer. We also build custom database solutions at affordable prices. We also host the sites (We can keep promises we make and know that we are always online, secure, and backed up) but we often work with outside hosts and will be happy to recommend solutions if your needs are for high bandwidth. You can choose to do your own maintenance with graphic client, telnet and FTP access available or let us handle your needs.


We have several secure online stores running on our servers and many simple order form sites. Our store format is simple to use and works well for small sites up to sites with 1000's of items. You can update your own pricing via web access and add or delete items easily or let us do it for you. We can provide secure transactions via our real time processing Internet merchant account or assist you in establishing your own accounts. Let us build your custom store. Call for a quote.

Headgap Mail

Headgap Mail is Internet mail so it talks to all types of computers. Internet mail is International. There is no extra charge for mail sent or received from anywhere in the world. All you need is your client's E-mail address. Mail set up takes 10 minutes and you begin using immediately with little or no training. If you can type, you can E-mail. You can access your mail anywhere in the world! All you need to use Headgap email is a computer and a modem; you don't have to be on the Internet or any online service. We supply the software for almost any make of computer, with custom, easy to use instructions for installation and provide local dialup numbers here in Memphis, or you can use any web browser from any location to pickup your mail.

No where else in the world can you get an email account you can dialup using the graphic client, POP client, or browser to pickup of your mail. That is 3 different ways to get your email.

We can also supply List Serve facilities that enable your customers to sign up (or unsign up) automatically for a newsletter or digest and partipate in forums. All of our email accounts can be made forwardable for convenience. Mail one newsletter to one address and reach thousands of your customers or clients.

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Our Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with our services you get a full refund, no questions asked!


Installation of client software and software training is available. Free personal web sites are available for you and your family.

Visit our website at: http://www.headgap.com

See our new links page for examples of Headgap hosted sites!

Need some extra income? Get CA$H Back for your referral!

Contact Bob or Cheryn Nunn - 1-405-601-5288 9-6 M-F CT

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