New Stuff I Have Learned (mostly the hard way).

by Bob Nunn

Your site is outdated!

I don’t care if you changed it yesterday, I am on it today and I have already seen that. Many servers out there have the ability to allow you to randomly rotate page parts like backgrounds, headers and footers, graphics, etc. Try and hit the refresh button a few times. Let your visitors see a whole new site each time they stop by to visit. I am not telling you to change your entire navigation. In fact, that is something that should remain fairly static, only changing to add new features. I have been observing our sales numbers each day and sales always go up when we change our front page.

Important stuff up top

Make sure the important information on your page fits on a 640x480 screen without scrolling down. People don’t scroll down. If the Iraqi’s would have hidden on the bottom of our web pages we would have lost the war. Whatever you put on the bottom of the page should be highlighted at the top of the page to encourage folks to scroll down. Or use the anchor command and let them jump to it. Alway put your best items or information at the top of the page (works for print too!).

More Tricks! This Month’s Sleeper Tip:

So many places offer free pages now. Try

Set up an ad for your web site using the free pages. Use plenty of your best content and graphics. Include links to your enewsletters, coupons, or whatever other traffic builders you have on your site. A site index page might make a good starting point for a page like this. Remember, this is an ad; make it short and sweet. Include your best META Tags and include keywords in your page title. The sequence of keywords, and descriptions of your alternate pages should vary from your main site. Make sure the page stands on its own and has some significant content all its own if you can. Then go list this page with all the search engines ( By varying the elements of the page, it is less likely the human search engine editors will reject the submission as a duplication. I have an example at: and

Looking for a domain name? allows you to add a word or two and get back a list of what is available and what is taken. You can register domain names for as little as a year now and there are sites that discount registration. You may want to try
They charge $17 a year and you can change the settings online through the web. I haven’t used them yet but plan to when the need arises.
NOTE: Since writing the original article I found which is as good and only $15!!

Did you know that your ISP can point multiple domain names to one IP address? They may want to charge you; check first. For example, is also and it could have easily been any other domain name pointed at the same place. This means there are more ways for folks to find you if you list the additional addresses with the search engines!

Use ALT Tags for Graphics!

An example image link:
<IMG SRC="grafx/portalmem2.jpg" ALT=" - Memphis Best Web Sites" WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=70 BORDER=0 ALIGN=bottom>

Notice the ALT tag includes my domain name and a keyword or two that I want the robots to pick up to give me higher rankings in the search engines. ALT tags on graphics are simply polite in net etiquette. Believe it or not, some folks still run their browsers with the graphics turned off and these little pocket things that people are carrying don’t see graphics either. Use the ALT tag to your advantage. This is a must on images at the top of all your pages, but should be continued throughout your site.

Add More Content! is my weblog page for great content links. Some new and exciting links: - image crusher helps you optimize your graphics for free! - dancing web cursors and a lot more! TOO COOL! - add flaming logo’s! This one actually builds logo’s using the text and graphics of your choice while you wait and you simply download the results. - 25 meg of free storage space that you can share.

Fun Stuff

I added a few more fun links to my fun page. Try it at and get your online FBI records ( or get an online sketch ( of amazing accuracy.

Remember Why Your Customers Are Online

77% browsing
64% entertainment
53% education
51% work
19% shopping

Does your website offer something for each of these customers?

How often are people buying online?

Never: 10%
Less than once a month: 45%
Once a month: 28%
Once a week: 4%

Check out for this and other useful information. In fact is a pretty nice site overall and I check it on occasion to see if I missed anything on my web sites. (and that url gets you past the goofy flash intro.) Someone should really do something about those annoying popups as well but the site does have some good content.

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Board Member, AppleCore of Memphis, Inc.,


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