Feature Reference


Refer to this page for instructions on setting up each of OAT's features. If you are running OAT for the first time, you will want to refer to the getting started information before proceeding with any of the following steps.

You should probably start out by looking at the Mail Filtering information.

Hint!: You should choose Save from the File menu after making any configuration changes to ensure your changes persist if you system crashes before OAT terminates normally

Mail Filtering File Search Engine Postmaster
Sent Mail Record Buddy Lists Topic Repair
Mailing List Importer Mail Compression Conference Adviser
Online Assistance Users Online Help Agent Remote Sysop Commands
Guest Restrictions PPP Assistant Machine Lock
Mail Aliases User Logon Notification New Mail Notification
Editing the Language File Manage Registration Keycodes Keep Server at Front
Mailbox Cleanup Topic Links Repair

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