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Bob and Cheryn Nunn - owners of operator headgap systems

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Operator Headgap Systems offers FREE Internet compatible mail for personal use. Having served as a BBS operator for over 32 years, we will be here! We also have low cost business rates available. Headgap E-mail is one of the most flexible systems in the world. You can access it via the Internet or use our dial up system. You must register with the system to be able to use these features. Complete the application properly or you may be deleted. The mail is free for personal use, but if you find this useful we do accept donations! Once you register your mail address will be your_name@headgap.com

  Use your browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer and most others) to access HDS Mail. (By clicking the link it will take you to HDS Mail). This is just one way to view your personal mail box after you register.

  Use the special TeleFinder Client Software to take advantage of all of the features. Mac or Windows versions are available and are no charge. TeleFinder allows both Internet connections or direct dial via your modem. (By Clicking the appropriate link it will start downloading the free client software for the appropriate machine). If your connection is slow you can send $1 (or more) and I will mail you a disk with the appropriate software. See my donations page for the address.

After almost 20 years of having dialup access we are now discontinuing this feature. Unfortunately the $25 a month it costs to leave this access line for the few people who were using it simply could not be justified. Web access only guys.

We appreciate you waiting till after business hours for downloading.

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