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Operator Headgap Web Server and BBS

Bob Nunn's Favorite Sites - 12-18-99

Operator Headgap Sites

Operator Headgap BBS - Main - This is it!!!
Operator Headgap Mini BBS Desktop - Log into the BBS from the Internet
Pick Up Headgap BBS Email - Page allows you to Pick Up Headgap BBS Email via the Web
Headgap Bookstore - All New Operator Headgap's Web BBS Bookstore in association with
Headgap Book Search - All New Operator Headgap's Web BBS Book Search in association with
Headgap Business Site Info - Info about our low cost business Web Site and Email
Headgap Business Site Pricing - Prices for our business Web Site and Email
Headgap Change Password - SI Plug In driven - allows you to change your password via the web
Headgap Hit Chart - SI Plug In driven - shows graphic chart of 24 hour period. May be offline experimental.
Mandelbrot Plug-In Page - SI Plug In driven - displays. May be offline experimental.
Upload to Headgap w/Netscape
Operator Headgap BBS Preview - This site lets you see what it looks like to visit the Headgap using the MacIntosh Telefinder Graphic Client. It also points out features of the bbs.
Headgap Mac Internet Tools Site - This site lists all the homepages, and FTP sites to download all of the internet tools that your Mac needs!
Headgap Mac Internet Plug-Ins Site - This plugins page helps you stay current with Navigators plug ins by linking you to all the support sites.
Headgap Server Equipment Stats - List of the Hardware & Software I use with Links and basic stats.
Headgap Free Personal WebSite Info
Headgap Finger Command Page - Explains how finger commands work and gives examples.
Operator Headgap BBS List - This is my collected BBS list. Find one or add to the list from the page.
Magic Eightball Fortune Teller - This SPML driven program tells your fortune like the old Magic Eightballs. Extremely accurate? It does as well at predicting weather as the local forecasters.
Madam Zelda - Madam Zelda Fortune Teller
Ask BillGatus of Borg - Ask the Borg Fortune Teller, you will be assimilated!
Ask Beavis - Ask the Beavis Fortune Teller, bunghole!
Headgaps Picture Page - Pictures featuring my family shot from the Commercial Appeal and my favorite computer animated cartoon "Reboot". Click on the images to see larger JPEG images.
Headgap Personal Pictures - Bob's personal picture collection featuring on the fly previews via Highlander Systems JPEG Web Server Plug-In
Headgap Donations Page - Headgap accepts donations! Do your part send a buck or two.
Guest Book Sign In- Sign in or read the Guest Book. SPML driven.
Video Conferencing - Tells about Spider Islands Video Conferences and a bit about how to do it and the Software and Hardware needed. Archives of the conferences are on this page as well.
Operator Headgap Term Download Site - Just a place to pick up a term for your Mac, PC, Amiga, C128 or C64.
Headgap Favorite Sites - This page you are looking at.
Headgap Search - AppleEG Search Engine - find resources fast.
Headgap egQueryLog.html - Search Engine Log
Headgap AppleEG Current index info - Search Engine Index

Headgap User Web Sites

Contains some of the User and Professional Web Sites that reside on Operator Headgap.
TAB of Memphis - The Solutions People
AppleCore - Memphis Mac User Web BBS Page
Virtual Mac User Group (VMUGM) - Mac User Group
IAAP - was PSI- Professional Secretaries International-Memphis Chapter
Brian Akey's Homepage
Bob Nunn's Homepage
Cheryn's Resume Homepage
Mel's Hole Connection

Headgap's Documentation Sites

TF Mac User Docs - online instructions for using TeleFinder User for the Mac v5.7
TF Win User Docs - online instructions for using TeleFinder User for PC v4.0
TF Quickstart Docs - online instructions for setting up TeleFinder v5.7 BBS
TF Setup Docs - full instructions for setting up TeleFinder v5.7 BBS
TF PDF Format Docs - online instructions for v5.6 in PDF format
SPML (Active) Commands - online instructions for using Server Parsed Markup Language.
Framing Offsite Links - Learn how to use Framing techniques using TeleFinder's Server Side Includes in an article written by Rusty Tucker.
OAT Docs - Online Assistant for TeleFinder from Highlander Data Systems LTD.
HDS Email Docs (HDS Plug-In) Help file for Highlander's Web Mail Plug-In
HDS Email Instructions - Help file for Highlander's Web Mail Plug-In
TF Email Docs (acgi) - instructions for using the older Web Mail acgi
Lollipop Docs - Usenet New Sucker that works with TF
TF Analog Docs - how to use Analog (Log Analysis) with TeleFinder Web Server.
Analog Report - actual report file for Headap generated by Analog
TF NetCloak Docs - plug-in from Maxxum Software. is TF 5.7 compatible. Read the online instructions.
TF Outlink Docs - how to set up SSI style frames with TF
Multihoming - information file on Single Link Multihoming
Mac UseNet List - a complete list of all Mac related newsgroups.
Lasso Docs - from Blueworld - allows Filemaker to server web databases.
MacsBug Docs - older instructions but still useful when running this debug program
Rumpus Docs - Instructions for FTP server that can run in conjunction with TF
IC Config Docs - Instructions for setting up Internet Config.
Mac FTP List - updated list and info on Mac FTP Sites.
TFAppleEG Search acgi- Docs to use Apples Search Technology Beta Versions with TeleFinder Web Server.
Sherlock PI - How to write a Sherlock PI for your TF Web Server using the TFAppleEG Search acgi
Apple's How to Write A Sherlock Plug in page.
How to Write a Sherlock PI by Gordon Lacey. Tell generally about writing a Sherlock plug in.

Telefinder General Information

TeleFinder 5.7 Release - Press Release for the latest version
Telefinder 5.6 Release - Press Release for the older version
TF Web Sites - Somewhat dated list of other TeleFinder Systems
TF Sysop Chats - Archive of the SpiderIsland sponsored chats
TF Video Conferencing - Archive of the SpiderIsland sponsored Video Chats
TF Sysop Links - Links of interest for Sysops by TF Author Rusty Tucker


Telefinder Systems

Spider Island Software - Telefinder


Telefinder Web BBS Sites

TeleFinder SPML - (SSI) - Information about SPML and how it functions.
Telefinder Press Release - Tells about the all new Telefinder 5.7.4 BBS/Server

Online Demo's

Sysop Stats Demo - shows how my sysop administration functions work.
SPML Dynamic Demo - shows SPML using variables to change backgrounds
SPML Feedback Demo - shows SPML to send feedback via email with no cgi
SPML Gen.Chat Demo - simple chat system using SPML -pioneered by Scooby

Web Plug In Sites

BIAPChat Info
C++WebSTAR API Plug-In Framework
ExtendingWebSTAR Page
MacWWW Tools: Server Plug-Ins
Resources:WebStar plug-ins
MacWWW Tools: CGIs
Eric'sWebSTAR Plug-in Page
Welcometo Quid Pro Quo!
WebEdgeon Hiatus
Ron'sMac and Apple II Archive

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